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Welcome and thanks for visiting our page. I am Ericka and my daughter is Akili  (Ah-kee-lee).  We have been on this homeschool journey since age 3.  I retired from my military career when she was 13 months old.  I did work for one additional year in a full time job but after that, I knew it was time to begin the homeschool transition.  She is currently age 8. I often get asked a lot of questions about how I got started, what to do, and how Akili is doing with the process.


Between Ericka and Brian Ricks from -12 March 2014

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                         Ericka and Akili

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Homeschool Online Class

This is an online, self-paced, educational
class for
 parents who are thinking about Homeschooling. This is geared for
elementary and middle school children.

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Umbrella Schools (Private)

I have partnered with "The Homescholar" to provide education support for those with High School Children

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