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Welcome and thanks for visiting our page. I am Ericka and my daughter is Akili  (Ah-kee-lee).  We have been on this homeschool journey since age 3.  I retired from my military career when she was 13 months old.  I did work for one additional year in a full time job but after that, I knew it was time to begin the homeschool transition.  She is currently age 7. I do get ask a lot of questions
about how I got started, what to do, and how Akili is doing with the process.

My Advice:

Determine if you can financially afford to live on one income. Practice living on one income 3 months as you maintain a budget. Keep in mind the materials used to homeschool cost money and if purchased brand new are not cheap. 

if you have the PATIENCE to homeschool.

Stop, do not disenroll your child from public school or order any homeschool curriculum until have read at least 2 books on homeschooling and talked to at least 2 actively homeschooling parents. 

If your child is struggling to academically keep up explore alternative in-home options such as:Learning Disability step-by-step program by Bonnie Terry. You don't have to be a Homeschooler to use this program.  HomeSchool Legal Defense (Learn your state laws on Homeschooling)  (One of the most comprehensive online site for the beginner homeschool parents) 

Order  educational products  from  the  Plan2Win Store.  For low cost ideas, I also found useful items at my local library, Dollar Tree stores and in the book section of Thrift Stores. 


                                                          For Social Development

Join: Local Homeschool "Meetup" Group                                      Join: Local 4H Club

Join: Community Sports Team (Soccer, Track, Football/Cheerleading) Try I9 Sports Program

"I hope this information helps, I love the homeschool process"

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Between Ericka and Brian Ricks from  12 March 2014

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